Oct 13

Far Cry 4 Release Date

farcryclick Far Cry 4 Release Date

The REAL Far Cry 4 Release Date

Speculation, speculation, and more speculation.  Now we have what seems to be a accidental release of a picture that is rumored to have the Farcry 4 release date hidden in it.  On the wall of a prison or loony-bin like area, there is a date that shows 4-14-2014.  Is this image fake? Is it just a leaked image by the Far Cry 4 publicity team? We think it is real.

So is this the real Far Cry 4 Release Date?

far cry 4 release date Far Cry 4 Release Date

So we all know that they’re making a Far Cry 4 and people are hoping that it wont be so different from Far Cry 3.Such as the game play and the affects that they had in far cry 3 but some people want fewer linear experiences.but people obviously want better graphics to feel like they’re kinda in the game more and so they have the full experience in the game.  In our opinion, if history repeats  everyone is gonna love this game.

This is what my son had to say about Farcry 4:

People are saying that its probably gonna be better to play on the XBOX One just because of the graphics and the controls because people say its just gonna be more popular than the PS4. most people want the story to be as good as it was in far cry 3 so that its not to much and not to little. People want more guns in far cry 4 so that their are just more of a variety so they have more choices.


People really liked the theme of far cry 3 but they really want a more modern day in far cry 4 so hopefully they’ll do that.


Some people want the songs in far cry 4 to be well more intense so that we can just feel like were more into the game. People like it when something intense happens the controller vibrates so they want more of that.


People want more sound and affects when youre running in the game so it feels more real you could say. well thats it for far cry 4 cant wait till its released.

I just wanted to add his opinion on it… so that’s from a 13 year old about the new game and we are actually just trying to figure out another clue or hint about it’s release date.  We’ll post next time we catch word of anything more solid about the Far Cry 4 Release date.

Here is a video about when Fary Cry 4 was actually confirmed: